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Roman Blinds and their usage

Roman blinds used in rooms

In a house, you need to pay attention to the minuets details in order to achieve perfection. What the bed is like? Which colour is the kitchen? What would be perfect for the bathroom? Should I have curtains or drapes? Wait, have you thought of roman blinds? Here’s to some fresh new ideas for your windows!

How Roman Blinds are made ?

Roman blinds are prepared from material which is designed to fold into pleats after rising. Roman blinds are created by taking a solid fabric panel and adding slats to the rear. The slats are linked via cords which will pull them up to form the coagulated pleats in the blinds. Easy as ABC!

Why should I choose them?

  • The outlook: Certainly classier than boring old curtains! With a variety of styles like mentioned above, you can choose the one that brings out the best in your room. And the colour won’t even be a problem, since the colour pallet is enormous. Over the years, curtains are dying out due to them being heavy and shadowy. If you’re looking for that ultra-modern touch to your home, you’re choosing the right thing!
  • The privacy: The shades aren’t see-through. Your house will be completely safe from any passers-by since roman shades don’t allow any peeking! The entry of light can be modified for your own personal need; you can get extra lining added to make a room completely light-free.
  • The insulation: These blinds can be made out of your chosen material, and this gives you the choice of making them either thick or thin! Not only this, but your house shall be insulated and will help retain heat.
  • The designing: Apart from the shades and textures available, you can choose from more than one style. How about some cordless blinds? Flat Roman blinds are uniform when they are dropped; however hobbled Roman blinds overlap due to the extra material added to them to deliver the effect. Day and night shades for light in the day and darkness in the night? Make sure you know the wash ability, opacity, cloth and further features of your chosen blinds.

What should I be concerned for?

  • The inflexibility: Roman blinds may be the hottest thing in town, but they certainly aren’t faultless. Since they can only be pulled up or down, they cannot help you have limited view of the outside. And if you pull them up completely, you’re offering a clear view of the inside of your room. Talk about privacy disturbance!
  • The specificity: Roman blinds cannot be the star of every room. Bathrooms and kitchens usually get moist and steamy with all the hot showers and endless cooking. This steam can make your blinds sloppy (not to mention, giving a good home to mildews!), as well as trapping the aromas in your blinds! Simultaneously, they are susceptible to stains.

That was your guide to roman blinds and why you need them and why you don’t. Making a house isn’t easy, but take these little magic tricks up your sleeve to make it simple!