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Custom made Curtains vs ready made

custom made curtains singapore

Difference between a custom made curtains and a readymade
When you need to make a design statement at your home, the windows are the first place that you should turn your attention to. Using the right treatment on your window can contribute greatly in complementing the window or the entire room. While the Singaporean market is flooded with the ready made curtains, there has also been an increasing demand for custom made curtains among homeowners who want to use something unique for their homes, based on their tastes and preferences.

There are some keen differences between readymade and custom made ones and it is essential that you are well aware of this in order to know exactly what you should go for as detailed here below.

Homeowners who decide to use the ready made at their homes are those that are attracted to the convenience of these curtains. More often than not, ready- made curtains usually provide an easy and quick solution and within some few hours, you will be able to change how your windows look in just some few hours. On the other hand, custom made ones require some more time to be completed after selecting your preferred fabric and style. If you’re willing to wait for some time for them to be made, you can be sure that you will get draps that are a perfect fit for your home.

One of the most significant differences between the custom made curtains and ready made ones has to do with getting the kind of looks that you want. With the ready made curtains, buyers are assured of finding a large selection of colours, designs and fabric types. It provided you do your homework and research well, chances are high that you are going to find a perfect style that suits what you are searching for. However, for those with windows which are not of standard height or width or those having unusual requirements, chances are that they will encounter some problems and will need to consider custom made ones. Custom made ones are a perfect choice for those in need of curtains that are more artistically draped and your extra personality is well catered for with additions such as pelmets, valances, tiebacks and tails.

Generally speaking, you should expect to pay a little more for custom made curtains then the readymade. When it comes to home improvement, your budget will be the main consideration for what you will go for. Readymade draps are economically less costly compared to custom designed ones. However, since readymade ones are produced in bulk, this means that you can expect some compromises on quality materials and attention to detail.

After all is said and done, your choice will depend on your preferences. While readymade curtains are the option to go for if you have a tight budget and need to have the curtains fast, custom made curtains provide you’re your home with unique, long lasting style.