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Choosing the Right Curtains


Choosing the right curtains for your room is the most important choice you will make with regards to interior decoration, because the right curtain would enliven your room and give it a radiant effect while the wrong ones can dampen the entire ambiance and even make the nice furniture look drab and unappealing. The trick is to choose the correct fabric and colour along with the perfect length. Here is a free of cost advice to furnish your room and uplift the entire ambiance of your room, and we do not even charge astronomical fees for the consultation as is common among interior decorators today.

Since renovating and refurbishing Is not a daily exercise, you need to choose the fabric that can survive for a few years and also provide the needed functionality of shielding the sun without fading its colour. Moreover, very heavy and bulky fabric is not advisable because it takes away the characteristic of flowing curtains that can also not easily be tied up or folded crisply. On the other hand, very light fabric has the hazard of tearing apart in a simple wash and not having a nice fall. With regards to colour, neutral and soft shades should be used as they can easily blend in with the overall theme and also do not have to be changed whenever you change the colour theme or upholstery. Very dark drapes made of thick fabric are useful in blocking sunlight but their visual appeal is lacking since they make the room feel more constricted and small.

The length is another important factor, since hanging panels a few inches above the window give the sense of height to your room. Traditionally, curtains slightly puddle on the floor so another two or three inches are added to length, but a more contemporary style is to have the curtains just touch the floor. With regards to the width, four to eight inches should be added to the window measurement so that the window isn’t blocked when it’s open and your view is intact. There are also various panels available for hanging your curtains; loops of curtain fabric are made for sophisticated settings, or they can hang from metal rings in a more casual environment like your bedroom. Traditionally, elastic was used for gathers giving the top some ruffles, and this is now used in the form of extra cloth of about six to eight inches above the curtains in a posh setting.

These tips can be extremely handy when you decide to install new draps in your home and we are happy to help you in the process. If you wish to remain in vogue; we suggest exquisite gossamer sheets or velvet as you prefer in neutral earthly colours like cocoa or soft cool colours like azure blue or lime green, long and loosely pleated draperies that just barely touch the floor with wooden or metal rod and tie-backs. conatact us today to get a free onsite quote !