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Uses and Benefits of Roller Blinds

Brown Roller Blind

Roller blinds are simply blinds that roll up out of the way, or roll down to either partially or fully block sunlight. These window coverings have many uses and benefits for the home and office.


Roller Blind Uses

They can be used in many different locations around both residential and commercial venues. With different types of material, including perforated material, blackout material and even outdoor designs, there is a roller blind to suit everyone.

Within your home, blinds are a simple alternative to curtains at your windows in the kitchen, living areas, bathroom, and bedrooms. Designed to suit any home environment, these window shades are very easy to operate and give your home a modern feel.

Alternatively, they also make the ideal solution for privacy and sun filtering at the office. The option of perforated blinds will give a privacy screen while reducing the harsh glare of sunlight. The blackout blind option will eliminate natural lighting and increase office privacy.

Outdoor roller blinds are used to shelter balconies from the elements, making the space habitable even in bad weather. An increasingly popular option in Singapore, these blinds are both stylish and useful.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have many benefits – they are simple to operate, cover a large area, and come in sleek and modern designs. We tailor our service to make sure they meet your needs.

With a pull cord to the side to roll them up or down as desired, they are simple to operate and hard to break. They also provide an even coverage of your window spaces, regulating light evenly across the entire window.

Sleek and modern designs mean Singapore Blinds has an option to suit every need. When rolled up out of the way, roller blinds are unobtrusive; when rolled down, they provide privacy and filtered or blocked sunlight. We tailor make your blind to suit your style and design.

Whatever patterned or plain fabric you would like, we can help. Our roller blinds are made from PVC fabric to withstand the test of time, reducing wear and tear. You can also choose higher quality fabrics which will block out harmful UV rays from your home or business.

Maintaining Your Roller Blinds

They are extremely easy to maintain. There is no need to take them down to wash them as is needed with curtains. Your blind needs nothing more than wiping down with a damp cloth when you see a need.