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  • Vertical blinds singapore office

    There was a time when people had no other option but to use curtains to cover their windows. However, the times have changed and we have more options than we had before. We now have multiple types of blinds and curtains that can be installed in houses and business places. One of these blinds is called vertical blinds which is gaining popularity steadily. They are known for being glamorous, versatile and very convenient. They can be used in the regular ways and conventional places. However, you will have to make sure that they are neat and clean because you will have many health hazards if you are not careful in cleaning them.

    Vertical blinds are very inexpensive and they give a very modern and chic look to your house or work place so that is why they are very popular among people. Nevertheless, their beauty can be and will be disrupted if you are not careful about their appearance and maintenance. You will have to wash them and clean them regularly in order to make sure they are in perfect shape. If they are always dirty then it can actually affect the life and durability of the blinds.

    The good news is that vertical blinds do not take much to keep clean. If you maintain them regularly, you will not have to worry about their life expectancy or their look.


    The regular maintenance process is very easy. You will just have to dust the blinds regularly with a cloth duster or vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner. You just have to make sure that you get the both sides of the blinds for the proper cleaning effect. If the blinds have any stains, you can use a window cleaner. Just spray it on the stained area, wait for a minute or two and the gently wipe the area with a soft and clean cloth.


    Vertical blinds are more popular than the curtains of any other blind types because they much easier to use and they do not require too much muscle power to operate. Plus, operating them is easy and faster. They are considered to be the perfect blind type for houses and offices because they have a huge variety of blind designs to choose from. This does help the popularity of these blinds.

    The offices and companies who usually operate with their doors opened use and favor vertical blinds more than the other blind types. This is because they judge the arrival of a client by the movement of these blinds and the way the light reflects. They are also used in cold rooms of various food businesses. These blinds (mostly made of thick plastic) are used to keep the warmth out of the rooms. Also, these blinds are used by businesses because they tend to keep insects and flies out of the buildings and rooms.