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  • Roman Blinds

    Usage, Benefits and Maintenance of Roman Blinds

    Roman blinds are classy and very glamorous. They are very stylish and are considered to be one of the easiest to handle and convenient blinds in the market. Roman blinds are largely used in houses (mainly in bedrooms or living room) and in office complexes. You will often find them in spas and resorts where the key is to bring relaxation and beauty inside. They actually give a very soft look to your house. You will have the opportunity to use very soft and beautiful fabrics for the blinds. They are cost effective and easy to handle.

    Roman blinds can be used in the conventional ways. You can use them in the office or in the house. They are best used in bedrooms, sun rooms, spas, office and resorts. The best thing about these blinds is that you can actually have them custom made. These blinds are readily available in different designs and sizes (normally rectangle). You can use multiple types of fabrics to make your blinds more attractive and more beautiful. They are cost effective and quite easy to maintain. You will not have to wash them every few weeks to make sure that they are clean. They will keep all kinds of weather outside and keep your house warm in raining seasons and cool in the summers. Plus, they will block the light completely and you will not have to worry about unwanted sunlight damaging your furniture or hardwood floor.

    Regular cleaning can help you to reduce your deep cleaning time. Nevertheless, it is very important for you to clean your blinds. Luckily, you will not have to do much. Just dust the blinds with a soft cloth or wear a cloth glove and wipe the blinds with them. Or better yet, you can use vacuum cleaner and use it to take the dust out of the blinds.

    However, it is very important and almost crucial for you to deep clean your blind after six months. Cleaning them require you to unstring them and send them for laundry and a lot of cleaning company is actually providing the service all you need is to give them a call and they will be there for you. This is probably one of the reasons why people buy them in the first place. Here is how you can clean these blinds properly if you decide to do them yourselves instead of hiring somebody.

    Remove the fabric from the Velcro that is holding the fabrics to the track, unstring the strings on the center and the corners of the blinds, and lastly take slide out the metal bars in the pocket of the fabrics and they are ready for cleaning. Take note of what materials the fabric is made of as cotton will shrink and blackout materials are only suitable for dry cleaning. Fabrics made of polyester will be fine to be thrown into your washing machine to wash.