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  • Roller blinds

    Roller blinds are one of the most common forms of blinds (or shades) used today. They are different from panel blinds because roller blinds do not have segregated panels. They consist of a single layer of material, usually stiff polyester or pvc that is mounted onto a head rail. To operate, you use a chain pulley to slide the blinds down over your window.

    Roller blinds come in several different opacities and you choose which one works for the room you are considering. The more transparent the blinds are, the more the sunlight that will pass through them into the room. Most of them come in several shades but only one single colour on a single blind. This is because roller blinds are usually used as sunglasses for your windows for blocking out excessive sunlight. However, there are some thick material that come in other colours. These are used more as a decorative piece because when pulled down, they block out sunlight completely.

    Roller blinds are also used for temperature control. These blinds are designed to absorb whatever temperature of air is coming in through the window. If it’s cold outside, pull down the blind or shade to keep the hot air in and the cold hair out. If it’s summer, use the blinds to trap the cool air inside.

    With this in mind, you can use them as a way to save money! Keep the air conditioning off all together during the summer and use the blinds as a way to regulate the temperature. The blinds will keep most of the heat out so that you can be cool and comfortable in your home without racking up your cooling bill.

    These single layer blinds are also a great way to enforce privacy. Due to their wide variety of opacity, you can choose how concealed you want your rooms to be. For example, use a less see-through roller blind in the bedroom that is thick enough to conceal the room but thin enough to allow light to pass through it when pulled down.

    If you’re interested in having the best of both worlds, being able to have a see through blind as well as a black out blind, why not have both? Most companies allow customers the option of having two blinds. This gives you the option to choose how much sunlight you want to let in at any time.

    Roller blinds are most commonly used for patios or rooms that contain large, glass wall segments or doors. However, you can install them in nearly any location that has a glass door or window. They come in an extensive variety of sizes so they can fit nearly anywhere you need them to.

    Roller blinds are also commonly used in the bedroom because they provide optimal privacy while still allowing sunlight to pass through and into the bedroom.