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    Difference between Curtains and Blinds

     Curtains and blinds, the most common types of window coverings in Singapore, are often misconstrued to provide the same benefits when in fact they serve very different purposes.

     When it comes to choosing between curtains and blinds, there are a few factors that you need to consider; price, design of the room, window shape and size as well as functionality factors including light control and desired privacy.

     If you are looking for a product to provide you with complete privacy then take a look at some curtains in your local shop. Curtains come in various sizes, cuts, designs, colours and fabric opacities so it is nearly impossible for you not to find the right product for your specific needs. The most common and most recommended fabric choices for curtains are polyester, silk or velvet (particularly recommended for dining rooms or any room that receives a lot of visitors) because they drape nicely and add a glamorous touch to a room.

     Curtains are also designed to block out sunlight but they don’t offer many ways to do so. You adjust the curtains by pulling them in or pushing them out based on the amount of sunlight you desire. However, if you’re looking to get sunlight and privacy, you might run into some problems since the only way to allow sunlight in is to have the curtains open to some degree and the more you open, the less the privacy.


    Coming in two different forms, vertical and horizontal, blinds are designed to add a touch of elegance to a room while also providing privacy and sunlight adjustment. If you are trying to find blinds to fit a long, wide, vertical door, your best bet is the vertical blinds. For any other regular window, look into the horizontal blinds.

     Both types of blinds provide an easy way to decrease or increase the amount of sunlight coming in simply by pulling the thin chord that hangs next to the window. Most blinds allow the option of raising or lowering the vanes as well as closing and opening the vanes (panels) of the blinds for sunlight adjustment.

    Although blinds are not as customizable to your room décor as curtains are, they do come in several materials such as wood, bamboo, plastic, and vinyl. Blinds usually come in solid, neutral colours but there are some plastic varieties that come in blues and greens to add a unique touch to a basic room.

     Many interior designers recommend using both blinds and curtains. For optimal sunlight and privacy control, use thick blinds and overlay them with a slightly sheer set of curtains. This allows for multiple options of controlling sunlight and privacy.

     The combination of curtain over blinds looks elegant and classy especially if you place a sheer or lace style curtain over top of a solid blind. This is particularly used in rooms that receive a lot of visitors, where privacy is not a major concern, as it makes the room appear more elegant and grand.

     What product will work best in your home in Singapore? Look around and remember to consider the price, room décor and the shape and size of the window before making your decision!